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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

blogging the bach 10.1

it seems like we were just saying adios to juan pablo, and now it's time for andi's season of the bach. i'm super excited for this season. she seems like she'll be a great bachelorette. i read that chris harrison compared her to sean lowe, who was my favorite ever. i can't wait to see if she lives up to that comparison.

let's start the season by saying this isn't a place for spoilers. they ruin all the fun. please comment and discuss, but keep the spoilers out.
the first few weeks are always a little hard for me. it takes a while to remember who everyone is and really get into the season. every season i think i will read the bios before it starts, but i never seem to find the time. the guys are a little harder because i can't remember them by their dresses like the girls.
being from utah, the person who obviously stands out is eric hill. i didn't know him, but i have friends who did. the whole thing is so sad, and i'm glad the bach is handling it with class.
we start out with an intro to andi, and i already know this season is going to be better than the last. andi is really excited and seems to have a great attitude about the whole thing. she was one of the best dressed last season so i'm also really excited to see what she wears.
week 1 is mostly about meeting all the guys. i've read several times that first night actually takes all the way through the night into the early morning. no wonder people get so nervous and do dumb things (not so many dumb things this time)
marcus-up first and so nervous. that's all i wrote about him until later when she talked to him. i think he'll be around for a while.
chris-cutest farmer i've ever seen. i thought for a minute she was going to give him the first impression rose.
jj-he lost me as soon as he said lovequest. goofy guys are usually really good, nice guys, but i just can't..
marquel- aka cookie monster
tasos-did he just come on the show to travel? because that's basically all he talked about
cody-personal trainer. i thought for sure he would be gone, but it looks like he actually stays a while from watching the promos for the season. 
carl-can't remember a thing about him except i wrote down he is a firefighter and gave her a globe.
nick v- gets the first impression. i remember his polka dot tie and not much else.
dylan-personal space is for real but maybe less real on the bach.
patrick-starting with a soccer ball is risky after last season, but it worked out ok.
brett-brings a lamp and everyone is confused but remembers him.
craig-the party starter=entertainment of the season
ron- can't remember a thing about him
bradley-opera singer--->probably going to drive me crazy
nick s-golfer in a golf cart
brian-basketball coach
andrew-social media martketer. i think that means you're on twitter and instagram all day. can i get his job?
eric-i'm curious to see how they're going to handle him this season. he's so cute, and even though i didn't know him, knowing people who knew him makes me feel like i did.
josh m-baseball player
some guys obviously stood out a little more than others. so far my first impressions go to 
i always give myself a couple of weeks to figure out who everyone is before picking the final 4. who did you like tonight? 
we all know there are a few famous bach words. i keep a tally mostly because it's funny.
journey...2 (did i miss a few? i expected to hear that word a lot more on night 1)
are you blogging the bach this season? make sure to link up below and let me know if you want to jump in as co-host one week.


  1. Nobody really stuck out to me, but that Mike guy that went home was a definite no from the time he got out of the limo. SO awkward!!! And I'm surprised the personal trainer stayed, he bugged me a bit too!

  2. You know I'm watching! Love me some Bach! I think so many of these guys look so similar this season (I'm sure this is her "type") but it makes it so hard to keep everyone straight! I may have been multi tasking while watching but no one in particular stood out to me, but there seem like some good contenders in general! Excited for this season!

  3. AH haven't seen it yet! But I can tell I'm going to be addicted and watch every single episode against my better judgement, once again :)

  4. I don't know why, but I thought it was awkward how many times she used the word "husband." I'm not an avid fan of the show, but it seems they usually say, "love of my life" or "man of my dreams." I wondered if a few men wanted to run away at her use of the word... hopefully they are there for the full commitment.

  5. You know as soon as I watched it today I wished I was blogging :) But I know my limits and it's better if I don't have to rely on it. Also, if they could just pick a day other than Monday! It seems like we get a good FHE rhythm down and then another season of the Bachelor starts.

    So I can't really comment on this episode because I cleaned the house while I watched. No taking notes! Which means I REALLY don't know who is who :)

  6. I LOVE how excited Andi is to be doing this!!! Craig is different. He's very hyper or something! I don't like guys like Cody. Total meathead. He could prove me wrong tho...

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  7. You forgot "fairy tale" as one of the common phrases haha. I swear bachelorettes say about fifteen times per episode how this is a complete fairy tale and they "never ever in a million years would have guessed they'd be here." Haha but I'm for sure watching this season. Love Andi! I don't think Marquell will make it to the end, but I did love his cookie tasting. Super cute idea :)

  8. Also every time someone says "here for the right reasons". It should be a bach drinking game! Every time someone says a common phrase!

  9. Yeah Bradley is already driving me crazy and Craig I never liked him he was always super awkward and Chris omg YUM he is my favorite


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