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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

wear it wednesday...matchy matchy

sometimes i show up places (usually work) dressed exactly like someone else. obviously it has to be documented and posted.
i kind of love matchy matchy. i especially love it with moms and kids, but that's a whole different point. most of the time i have no problem when someone wants to buy the same thing i have. i find it flattering. i know people that prefer to be unique and really hate that.
funny story...several years ago, 2003 to be exact, michelle and i and a few other friends went to nyc. we had a couple of tickets to see regis and kelly but needed more to all get in. michelle and her sister got up and left the hotel super early before the rest of us. we all met at the show, and michelle and i were totally matchy matchy. we shopped together a lot and had a lot of matching clothes, but neither of us knew we both had this sweater. it was pretty funny and made for some good picures.
how do you feel about matchy matchy? do you love it or hate it? what about when someone buys the same thing you bough? flattering or irritating?
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  1. "Matchy-matchy green sweaters!" <--- Name that movie!

  2. Haha, that's funny! I don't think I've ever been super matchy matchy with someone... wait... I take that back! In high school, Target was selling these layered sweaters, they were a solid color and then had a white "layer" popping out underneath (It was like sewn the the bottom four inches of the shirt I think. My friends and I decided that we all needed one, so we bought them. We had blue, green, orange, red and pink and we totally text each other sometimes and planned to wear them all on the same day. We were awesome!

  3. I am a twin and we always wore matching clothes up until age 11, when we rebelled against my mother and starting choosing our own clothes. However, we still turn up to family events in similar clothes!

  4. It was gorgeous. It is also very fitting and really inexpensive for the kind of dress it is. It got to my house before estimated arrival. I highly recommend it!!
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  5. Sometimes it happens that our whole English department (the 4 of us) will coincidentally wear matching colors. We then claim to our students that we did it on purpose.
    Great minds think alike, I guess!


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