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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

5 little confessions...home edition

it's time for another round of 5 little confessions. i feel a little bit like i've already told you everything there is to know, but we all know there is always a little more dirt to dig up.


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people probably think for the most part i have it (whatever it is) together. i kind of like people to think that. this year (ya pretty much the whole freaking year) i have had it together less than ever. a lot of things in my life have taken a serious beating due to the craziness of it all-my house being high on that list. so here you have it...5 little confessions...home edition.

i love holiday decorations-all the holidays and all the decorations. i'm sometimes a little guilty of putting them up a little early, but when the holiday is over, it's time for them to come down. i left for hawaii november 6 (obviously after halloween) with a house still 100% decorated for halloween. i came back november 16 (way way after halloween) and got the worst cold ever (excuses excuses). my halloween decorations stayed up until november 23 (oops) when i took them down and put up christmas. 


i came home from hawaii and unpacked my suitcase within a day or 2. it's still sitting on my bedroom floor. if i don't hurry it up and put it away, it will be time to use it again for christmas travel.
i keep my pants (all of them including leggings except dress pants) in a hanging cubby in my closet. the hanging cubby broke one week ago yesterday and fell on the floor. it's still on the floor, and i have no idea what to do about my pants or when i'm going to have time to figure it out.

i make my bed every single day no exceptions. i'm a total freak about it, but i HATE washing my sheets. i don't actually sleep in them so i use that as an excuse for not washing them as often as i should. 

i never throw clothes on the floor ever. i can't understand for one single second why i would throw my clothes on the floor when i can just as easily throw them in the dirty clothes basket.

 there you have it...all (ok maybe not all) my dirty little secrets about my home. let's hear yours...about your home or anything else. link up below.

5 little confessions has been a lot of fun this year, but we're ready to mix things up a little. stay tuned for details coming next month. we're looking for an additional host or two so if you're interested, let me know.  




  1. My clean clothes end up on the floor because I'm too lazy to put them away when I'm done with laundry and cleaning and Joe gets annoyed that I'm monopolizing the basket... :P Our suitcase from July when we were in between our apartment and our house is still sitting out... with a couple of things in it. But let's face it, nothing in my house is organized or put away at this point, except the kitchen and our movies haha

  2. I hate making the bed!!! but I wash our sheets at least once or twice a week! The best feeling is sleeping in clean sheets!!

  3. I throw my clothes on the floor every night, but then move them to the hamper first thing in the morning when I make the bed. And, how do you sleep if you don't sleep in your sheets? Do you sleep on top of the comforter? The bar that holds all of our shirts in our closet broke once. It was a DISASTER!

  4. The only time I ever make my bed is when my mom (or other company) visits. My theory is, my husband and I are going to kick them off ourselves anyway in the night, and we'll just get back in later that day (for naps) or night, so why make it?


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