Tuesday, December 16, 2014

beauty battle...for the lips

today's beauty battle is all about the lips.

i love chapstick. lipgloss, and sometimes lipstick. my lips are dry..really really dry so i have a constant battle about what to use. one year i thought bath and body works gloss was the answer. last year baby lips medicated seemed to work for a while. something seems to work for a few weeks or even months and then all of a sudden not anymore. things seem to be a lot worse in the winter. right now i don't even know what i like best. i still like medicated baby lips and sometimes mint eos. i can't even pick a winner in the beauty battle so i need your help.

what are your faves? what product(s) win this battle?



  1. I have the SAME problem. I've switched to Blistex Five Star lip protection (the pretty gold tube) - been the best for me so far. And a slather of good ol' Vaseline before bed.

  2. I love Eos, but my puppy got it out of my purse somehow opened it & ate it.. Thankfully I have one on order at ulta!!

  3. Ummm I have to use Aquaphor because mine are so bad!!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. I use lip smackers like a jr high girl all day long. And then before bed I use lanolin (like the stuff for nursing moms) mainly because I couldn't find chapstick one night and I didn't want to go downstairs. But I think it's really helped my lips cracking and peeling. During the summer when my lips get sunburned NOTHING helps but time.

  5. i'm addicted to chapstick-- I go crazy if I don't have it after a couple of hours!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  6. My mother in law makes all of my chapsticks and lip glosses. They are the best. Even though that doesn't help anyone else at all....


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