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Friday, December 26, 2014

birthday celebrations

i hope you all had a very merry christmas. things were pretty low key around here. i'll be back with a full recap in a couple of days.
i complain a lot about having a too close to christmas crappy december birthday. christmas time is pretty busy, and it's often hard to celebrate. because my birthday is so close to christmas, i really love celebrating birthdays for other people.
i was totally blown away this year. people were so nice. my birthday this year was still too close to christmas but definitely not crappy.
i walked into my office the last day before the holiday break to a decorated desk
the decorations included a diet coke cake. my co-workers are the best! they also gave me several presents. so many of my co-workers contributed to the group gift. i'm pretty close with people at work, but i was completely shocked and felt so loved.
my morning friends put together a basket of small gifts.
trying to celebrate the saturday night before christmas is tricky, we changed our plans from city creek to gateway to avoid the 2 1/2 hour wait.
i left the morning of my actual birthday to fly to california for the holidays. my roommate put up a few decorations before we left.
chelsea and the kids made a banner
i opened presents with the kids. they were so excited about opening presents.
we ate dinner at red robin

my birthday this year was pretty amazing! i have the best family and friends. let's hope this year is as great as that day.


  1. That DOES look like a great birthday! Glad it was a good one!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! It looks super great! Glad your loved ones made sure you felt special on your day!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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