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Monday, December 22, 2014

random rambling...on turning 35

i've talked before about age and getting/being old. i've been dreading turning 35 for several years actually. no one ever thinks i am as old as i am, but i really am when i turned 30 i made a big list of things to do before i turned 30. the list worked. i felt a major sense of accomplishment as finishing my list. i thought about doing something similar for turning 35 but decided on something different.
for the past 35 days, i have done something small for someone else. i didn't even keep track of all of the things. my whole point was to take the focus off of myself and help others. the small random seemingly insignificant things we do, usually mean a lot to the person on the receiving end.
so, instead of being sad today, i am happy. i am happy i was able to forget about myself and help others, and i am happy for the great life i have. here's to another year...



  1. Happy birthday! That is such a special way to lead up to your birthday!

  2. You are awesome! Great idea... Happy Birthday!


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