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Thursday, December 11, 2014

utah is dry

utah is dry...really really dry... like turning into snakeskin dry. it's even worse in the winter when it's bitter cold. i've tried every lotion, scream, oil, gel over the counter and prescription to deal with it. sometimes i find something that works for a while, but then i guess my body adjusts to it or something. i have major major issues with dry skin and dry lips.
it usually gets even worse when i go somewhere humid (like hawaii) and come back. my skin was perfect in hawaii, and i dreaded coming back.
enter vaseline intensive care advanced repair...
i'm not even kidding. this stuff is amazing! my skin isn't really even dry. i love smelly lotions and creams, but this stuff tops it all. if you have dry dry skin like i do, go get some today.
does anyone have any great tips for dry lips? mine are in bad shape.
***i was sent this product complimentary from influenster for testing. all opinions are my own.

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  1. I use a heavy generic of Cetaphil. It is as thick as Crisco but it's the only thing that works!!


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