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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

looking back...2014 goals

one of my favorite things this time of year is looking back on the year. i like celebrating the accomplishments and moving forward from the disappointments. although we don't need a new year to take that inventory, the start of a new year naturally causes that to happen.

do you pick a word as your theme for the year? i usually spend the last few months of the year thinking about my word for the coming year. by the time the year starts i am ready with a new word and new goals. this year followed the same pattern. i picked BALANCE. i talked about my feelings on balance a few weeks ago. throughout the year i have felt pretty discouraged with the inability to achieve the balance i hoped for. 
i started the year with one simple goal-get to bed by 12:00. i decided not to set any other monthly or other goals related to balance until i mastered that one simple goal. my life is very full/busy. we all make choices of how we spend our time, and i definitely fill my time.

i never figured out how to consistently get to bed by 12:00 so looking back on the year feels a little frustrating. i also realize that not everything about the year revolves around my failure at one goal. sometimes looking back at the year helps me realize how much i did actually accomplish.

i love engaging with readers through comments and social media. yesterday's post made me stop and think about the year. maybe i didn't accomplish my bedtime goal, but i did have a great year. one of the best comments ever made me think more about balance.

I love how much balance you've had.. Exercise, friends, family, fun stuff. But man you've been everywhere!!
at the beginning of the year balance to me meant making more time for things that are important. exercise, friends, family, and fun are all things that are very important to me. thank you sharlee for helping me realize that balance isn't all about getting to bed on time.

looking back on 2014 i'm very thankful for the year i have had, and i look forward to 2015. how was your 2014? did you accomplish your goals?

i'll be back on thursday with my word of the year for 2015. since i love to hear about everyone's word, i'm making a link up. i'm always inspired by other people and their goals.


  1. Balance is a tricky thing and something that you have to work at consistently. I know I could use some more balance in my life! I have felt really overwhelmed with a lot of things this year and am hoping to have a more relaxing and enjoyable 2015. I've already chosen my word for 2015! I am excited to share mine on my blog in a few days :D

  2. Sometimes you don't know how much you've accomplished until you have an entire year to reflect on! Happy 2015!


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