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Friday, December 12, 2014

for the little tykes...enjoying the holidays

'tis the season...
family, work, church, neighborhood parties
shopping and wrapping and delivering
santa visits
treats galore
bright lights
load music
family time (sometimes lots of extended family time)
i love the holidays! there is something so magical about christmas especially with kids
the holidays can also be really stressful especially with kids.
nights are late, routines are upset, kids are overstimulated, and tantrums are the norm
it doesn't have to be like that. with a little extra time and effort, the toddler (and sometimes older) meltdowns can be avoided.
1. stick to your routine as much as possible. when the routine changes, give warnings.
2. give warnings anyway (for example-we are going in this store, and there are going to be a lot of people in there. it might be really noisy. if it's too noisy for you, try covering your ears)
3. be consistent (make time for rewards and punishments)
4. if your child seems overwhelmed, they probably are. help them take a break even if it's just for a quick bathroom trip or to run and get something from the car.
5. try a tight squeeze (big hug) to help your child feel more calm and comfortable.
6. avoid empty threats (are you really willing to take away all or even one of the presents)
7. have healthy meals and snacks (all the sugar isn't good for any of us)
8. find ways to de-stress (kids feel our stress and often act out)
9. bring a favorite comfort item to parties, santa, shopping, etc. (blankie, stuffed animal, favorite cup or small toy)
10. enjoy the magic of the season. try to see the holidays through the eyes of a child.

did i miss anything? what works for you?



  1. Love these tips I'm so excited about Christmas with little ones around, my son is too little now but next year will be lots of fun! I remember feeling overstimulated at a lot of holiday family get togethers, I liked your suggestions. Parents need to be aware of how overwhelming it can be, especially for shy kids!

  2. Love these suggestions. We have a late night tonight coming up and a few next week plus all the stimulation. I know these tips will really come in handy next year.

  3. One thing that works for Olivia (we sort of did it on accident) is maybe shift their bed time to be a little later for a few weeks, especially if you can let them sleep in a little. She was up late with friends last night (I was babysitting) and so she slept in today and that will work out great for our party tonight. And tomorrow night :)


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