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Friday, August 18, 2017

Foodie Friday-lemon pepper zucchini and a special request

''Tis the season of zucchini. There's nothing better than garden fresh vegetables. I seriously can't grow a thing so I'm always very excited when people share from their garden. Successfully gardens tend to yield a lot of zucchini this time of year. I'm always looking for new ways to cook it. I tried lemon pepper zucchini and it was a hit. 
Slice zucchini 
Spray pan with coconut oil cooking spray 
Add sliced zucchini 
Squeeze juice from one large lemon
Add 1 tablespoon minced onion
Sprinkle with generous amount of lemon pepper to cover zucchini 
Sauté until tender-about 5-7
The lemon flavor is pretty strong but not overbearing. 

On a completely different note...

If you live in Utah or have any relationships here in Utah, your heart has been affected by the discovery of the untimely death of Paul Swenson yesterday. Many of my friends have close connections to Paul and his family. 

With the news of Paul's passing, one can't help but want to comfort and ease their family's heartache.

Ashlee and Paul frequently refer to their daughter as their "ray of sunshine" or #poppyraeofsunshine. Knowing of Paul's generous and kind nature it's no wonder he's passed that to his daughter. He will continue to live through her. In order to spread sunshine and #lovelikepaul - anyone and everyone can pass on his love to his family. 

Simply love others and document how you're doing it with #lovelikepaul. 

Campaign Details: To honor and remember Paul Swenson and his family, spread sunshine and #lovelikepaul through acts of kindness and random acts of service. For example...

-Volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen 
-Donate food to your local food bank
-Set up a FREE neighborhood car wash (teens)
-Use your connections to have business(es) donate a portion of a day's sales to a charity of choice
-Assemble hygiene packets for country/group in need 
-Host a FREE lemonade stand 
-Deliver donuts to firehouses 
-Make or donate blankets to a local women's shelter/safe house 
-Host a community talent show/concert/movie in the park
-Tape quarters to vending machines w/the attached #lovelikepaul tags
-Walk/wash dogs in neighborhood 
-Bring dog/cat treats to your local humane society
-Pay for the persons food behind you in the drive-thru
-Hand out Target gift cards randomly while shopping at Target (put sticker on the back of the card)
-Write a note/draw a picture to loved ones 
-Clean up trash at the park 
-Contact parks and rec to paint chipped fire hydrants 
-Make bird feeders and donate to a nature preserve. Or hang throughout the community. 
-Buy popcorn for strangers at the movie theater
-deliver flowers to new mothers at hospital 
-create smores kits and pass out to people enjoying public fire pits 
-pass out cookies to passengers on a tram/train
-write inspiration or uplifting quotes on cards and pass out

Attach the sticker or tag (to your act) whenever possible to help spread the word. Stickers will be available in the coming week. Stay tuned for how to pick some up! Document your acts with the hashtag #lovelikepaul and pass it on. Runs 8/15-9/13 (30 days for each year Paul LIVED). 

Please share this on your personal social media pages and listen to quiet inspirations of how you can multiply and magnify this effort of love and service. 

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