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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

beauty time thursday-new products

*this post contains products i received in exchange for this post. all opinions are my own.

i have a lot of beauty faves. sometimes i think i will never find anything i like as much as my faves BUT i really do love trying new things. sometimes i replace my old faves, and sometimes i go right back to my old faves. old habits really do die hard.
i LOVE perfume and lotion and candles and all smelly good things. i have tried a black/white combo before and really liked it so i was really excited to try the kat von dee saints and sinners perfume. i got the cutest sample bottles. they both smell really good on their own, but i prefer to wear them together. the scents compliment each other really well. i can't even choose a favorite between the two. i like them both.
I take a ton of vitamins. i honestly never really know if they are doing much or not, but it is worth it for me to keep taking them. good gut health is so important for basically everything else in your body. i have done quite a bit of research on gut health or lack there of mostly for my job, but it applies to every single person. i have taken a daily probiotic for years, and it is one of the reasons i stay fairly healthy. i got the opportunity to try lovebug probiotics, and the company really has a lot to offer.
  • 15x more effective than any other probiotic capsule, chewable or gummy thanks to our patented BIO-tract technology, which protects our tablets from dissolving in stomach acid so they can be delivered to the gut, where probiotics are most effective
  • All products are non-GMO, gluten free, sugar free, yeast free, lactose free, soy free, preservative free, are made in the USA, and are packaged with organic cotton
  • use multiple strains in each specially formulated probiotic for adults, children, and babies.  This ensures that you are building the most diverse and robust microbiome, which is essential for maintaining a strong immune system.
i am really happy with lovebug and look forward to continued use of their products.
charcoal seems to be all the rage these days. i have tried the popular charcoal peel off mask a couple of times. it is really fun to peel off, but i don't know how much of a difference it makes for my skin. i saw a post about these say yes to tomatoes charcoal face wipes. they smell sooooo good, but they are not something that i can see myself using daily. i feel the same about the pixie eye makeup remover wipes. they are great for travel but probably not daily use. the mary kay charcoal mask is my favorite. it feels great on my skin, and seems to work really well. 
my hair has been on the serious fritz lately. something happened earlier this year that totally damaged my hair. things are finally slowly starting to get better with a lot of deep conditioning and several trims/cuts. this monat sample came at the peak of the dry, damaged, brittle stage. it smells good and made my hair feel amazing. i'm still in repair mode, but this definitely helped. 

have you tried any new beauty products lately?

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