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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

blogging the paradise 4.3

i love the bach. i really do, but i cannot commit to more than one day per week of the show which means i missed the second episode last week. megan gave us the 30 second skinny before starting this week.
since we didn't watch last season very closely, i am kind of confused about who everyone is. it seems like some of the initial couples are switching things around. i'm trying to figure out who is who and who is with who.

adam comes and goes on a date with raven. ben z might be in trouble. he would be happy to get back to his dogs, but i would be sad.

we're 2.5 episodes in and finally having a rose ceremony. what is the deal with ben and his dog? have we ever seen raven's hair up? we like it. amanda isn't ready to kiss robby and then immediately starts talking to nick. dean and kristina talk. he wants to slow things down. in real life that is probably a great idea. on this show, that might be the death sentence for him.

most of the roses are pretty predictable.
alexis-jack stone

danielle l arrives and everyone freaks out a little. she talks to several of the guys. we want her to take ben but she takes dean. Dean is quickly getting a bad reputation. in the words of megan "he is being a butt hole". he cuddles with kristina and then celebrates danielle's half birthday with a cake and candles in front of everyone.

to be continued...again.

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