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Monday, August 7, 2017

One little word-August

I know I say this all the time, but how is it already August? I have slowed down on some things this year and shifted my focus elsewhere which makes it feel like time should be moving slower. Time continues to fly and fly and fly. I probably should just accept the fact that time will continue to go at rapid speed.

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my overall goal and theme for the year is EMBRACE even though my monthly goals don't always match that theme.

*nightly gratitude journal-better-i switched to using my commit 30 planner and it's working well
*do something that scares me/pushes me out of my comfort zone ✔
*attend temple 12 times-my temple experience for june was outside the temple. i need to make sure to make it in for ordinances this month-july ended up outside the temple too so in august i really really need to make sure to do ordinances
*monthly journal-i made a list of things to catch up on, but i still need to catch up
*csatt/fitness goals-✔

i really loved my june goals a lot. i am basically sticking with the same things
*continue June soda rules (no purchased soda with meals during the week unless it is a combo or the only one of the day)-i did not do well at all. insert excuses, but mostly i wanted ice lots and lots of ice.
*handlettering 2-3x/week-i don't even know if i did 2-3x all month. i don't even know what happened in july
*eat prepped food-much much better
*SLEEP-some improvement
*blog catch up-i have 2 posts i've been putting off. i really really want to get them done, but they are going to be hard to do.

i plan to continue most of my goals from july and also focus on a few other things.
*spending/shopping freeze-i obviously can't completely freeze spending, but i'm freezing all unnecessary spending. after a few days, it's good for me to pay better attention to how i spend my money.
*SLEEP-11:00 bedtime or earlier. there is always an excuse to stay up late, but i want to make it a priority this month and hopefully continue
*meditate/de-stress-work has been getting to me lately. i have made a lot of progress with managing stress in most areas of my life, but i have a hard time using those strategies with work. i want to find an app to use for some simple meditation.
*the kissmybrave girls started our own fitness challenge this month. we are all doing our own thing for workouts, but the main idea is supporting each other and being more accountable to each other to stick to our goals. after a few days, everyone is doing so well. and i'm so excited.

this year has been really great. i am happy with how things have been, and i am looking forward to the rest of the year. how is your year going?

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