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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

blogging the paradise 4.1

does anyone know what season of paradise this is? we think 4 but maybe it's 5. i'm sure i could look it up, but i'm afraid of what else i might see if i start googling things.

we see the intros and all decide dean and raven should get together.

it's a good thing they tell us what season they are from because we're having a hard time remembering several (or maybe most) of them.

demario arrives. chris harrison is surprised he is there, and demario is surprised he was invited. it basically seems like he is there to clear his name-ummm has he seen this show ever? problems seem to start with him 5 seconds in.

corrine comes and very clearly says she does not have a boyfriend. do we even address the corinne and demario situation or just pretend like it didn't happen?

people start talking about connections. how do you have a connection after only 3 seconds?

jorge leaves to pursue his dreams and wells comes to tend the bar.

kristina gets the first date card and everyone is jealous. everyone is back at the house looking for connections. people start pairing off and more dates and one on one time happens including jasmine and matt's drag bar date.

there's a 12 to 8 ratio of boys to girls. and the guys start scrambling to secure a rose. things seem to be going pretty well until everything haults. in true bachelor fashion-to be continued...

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  1. I'd love to see Dean and Raven be together BUT I totally think him and Kristina are so cute already!!! :) But I also agree that connections after like 3 seconds of meeting each other just seems desperate.

    I'm so sad about Jorge. I was really excited to see him because he was hilarious last season.

    I like Raven and Ben. It seems odd that she feels so connected to him but maybe it's because he comes off as laid back and genuine and soft... I'm not sure, but I guess we'll find out!

    1. I agree. I do like Ben and Raven together. It will be interesting to see what happens with Dean and Kristina. I already miss Jorge. He was the funniest last season.


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