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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

blogging the paradise 4.something

the monday/tuesday situation this season is making it a little hard to keep up. i've been pretty good about watching monday night, but i've missed the tuesday night every single time. 
monday night tradish is on pause this week so i'm watching with tiffany and sage. they caught me up on what i missed last week.

kristen comes and drama starts. matt obviously wants to go with kristen and jasmine wants to make sure it doesn't happen. jasmine confronts kristen and then she cries. matt said he wanted to go. things are an unnecessary mess. they leave on their date and order a chocolate banana on a stick-not public food. the next part of the date is shopping for bikinis. (insert side eye emoji here). they come back and jasmine is not even a little bit happy.

tears more and more tears

taylor freaks out on derek. "she's not talking like a human. she's talking like a therapist."--tiffany. tears and freak outs and finally they're both sorry and everything is fine again.

no one really seems to know what they're doing with the rose ceremony. we thought for sure it was happening tonight, but they just really like to make us wait. instead of a rose ceremony, we get daniel. to be continued...

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