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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

blogging the bach's finally the finale

this season has been a struggle to say the least, but now that it's finally the finale i'm a little more invested. i'm still happy it's ending and getting excited for paradise.

the cliffhangers this season are killing me. can someone who knows someone please tell the producers that this is the worst?!? maybe that's part of the reason i have a hard time being invested in the show lately. by the time we get to the next week, i don't remember what happened the week before.

the show starts with the rest of peter's overnight date. it just really doesn't seem like things are going to work out with peter. he isn't ready for this, but he might be ready to be the next bachelor.

next up is bryan's over night. things are definitely different. he is ready to propose, and she seems ready to say yes.

eric goes home and i'm not really surprised. i just didn't see it with them. they didn't seem to have much chemistry at all.

at this point we're basically fast forwarding through the whole thing. this season has been much more about the food and the social than anything else. we' re so confused about what's going on and had to rewind to try to figure it out.
"i love you rachel"
"i love you too"
major make out sesh and then goodbye. i love this show. i really do. two people love each other. one wants a proposal. one isn't ready. sounds like real life.

5 minutes later rachel and bryan are engaged! shawn wins the bracket again. the end!

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  1. Haha! Cool story. My boyfriend decided to pay someone to write a dissertation for my college, and there was a proposal inside! It was so unexpected too!


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