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Monday, August 28, 2017

Weekend Happs

Having friends in town makes me feel a little like I am on vacation myself except I get to sleep in my own bed. It was a fun filled weekend-one of those weekends you don't even realize you need.

Bill planned a surprise birthday party for Karen on Friday evening. It was a backyard dessert party and a lot of fun seeing everyone. They recently moved back to SLC, and it's fun having them back here. 
Tammy and Adi came to town for the weekend. I was lucky to spend quite a bit of time with them. It was so great meeting them in person and getting to know them on a deeper level. I love talking to them and so many other people online, but it is always so much better to spend time in person.

I missed the Pure Barre class they took that morning so I could get in my marathon training run. We ran the Jordan River Parkway trail. It was a really pretty morning. 
We met for breakfast after the class at Penny Ann's. It is next door to Pure Barre, but I have never been. The food was delicious, but there was so much of it. I got to meet a few other girls that I haven't met and that was so great. 
Angie invited us over to watch the fight at her beautiful home that night. We all hung out and chatted and ate and watched the fight. I was there much more for the social. It was a really fun night.

I did all the regular Sunday things-church, laundry, makeup brush clearing, meal prep, etc. I cooked black beans and rice separately in the instant pot. It was so easy, and I can't believe I haven't done it before now. I stopped by to see Tammy and Adi one more time and had more great conversation.

This weekend was really great. My heart is full.

How was your weekend? 
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  1. I liked the smile on all the faces, all look happy...Complete World


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