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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

hydroflask vs fifty fifty

i am 100% obsessed with water bottles. i can never have too many. i love them! all of them! i especially love my hydroflask. i was a little anti for a minute until Sage bought me one for my birthday. i became even more obsessed when i got the insert for my car cup holder. it keeps my water cold in my hot car all day long. i pretty much thought it was the best thing ever...
....until i heard about the fifty fifty company. I don't even know if this is true, but i heard there was a divorce and a new company and different pricing for similar products. I haven't been able to verify anything other than the different pricing for similar products.

I am a brand snob and usually go for brand names on most things, but when i heard there was a possibility that I could get a water bottle like my hydroflask for less money i had to try it out.

I found the fifty fifty bottle at Harmons.on sale. I love the color, and I really can't tell a difference between that and hydroflask. They work the same. Everything seems to be the same except the price. I still love my hydroflask but I really really love my fifty fifty bottle. 
Speaking of being a snob..I'm a total water snob. I want it either bottled or filtered. I really try to avoid drinking out of the tap. I keep a Brita pitcher in my fridge at home and now I have one to keep at work. The Brita stream is perfect. The water filters as you pour so it's freshly filtered every time. No more sitting and waiting for it to fill up and filter. I'm a big fan. 
*i received the Brita for testing purposes

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  1. Thank you. I just bought a fifty fifty bottle today after I read your blog and I absolutely love it!


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