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Friday, August 2, 2013

august 30x30...30 items

#may30x30 was so much fun that i was basically talked into #august30x30 before it even started. kelly is such an awesome host, and i met some really great bloggy friends (including kimberly who i am now friends with IRL). if you have no idea what i'm talking about, head over to modern camelot for all the deets. i really wanted to be more prepared this time, but it just didn't happen. i have gotten as far as picking out my 30 pieces. so here they are...

1. white banana republic shorts 2. big star cutoffs 3. target cutoffs 4. gap outlet melon skinnies 5. kohls teal skinnies 6. jcpenney (shocking right?!?) jeggings

7. black skirt from ny&co probably 10 years ago 8. bella bird (walmart) polka dot 9. bella bird denim pencil 10. black maxi made by me 

11. tj maxx nude tank 12. old navy orange tank 13. pink tank 14. j crew white ruffle tank 15. j crew purple tank 16. gap blue/silver tank 17. old navy sparkly 18. gap red/cream stripe 19. target black 20. h&m white/black stripe 21. purple/teal stripe v 22. gap outlet melon stripe 23. gap brown v

 cardis. didn't think through the limited colors i have here.
24. target olive 25. nordstrom navy 26. gap mint 27. nordstrom black 28. gap neon 29. bella bird blue/white stripe 30. inherited denim jacket

picking out my pieces stressed me out a little. what if i picked the wrong thing? what if it suddenly gets cold? what if i don't have enough purple to wear with my new toms wedges? all valid fears i'm sure. also 30x30=no shopping.

since my favorite part of this whole thing (and blogging in general) is connecting with other bloggers, here is our posting schedule and  links to my other 30x30ers.

Aug 1 - Share 30x30 pieces
Aug 8 - Days 1-6
Aug 14 - Days 7-12
Aug 20 - Days 13-18
Aug 26 - Days 19-24
Sep 3rd - Days 25-30



  1. Looking forward to seeing how you style everything!! =) I had to laugh when you said black skirt from 10 years ago because as I was trying to pick my items I kept saying OMG I have had this shirt, dress, etc for 10 plus years!! I thought maybe I was the only one haha =)

    Kate @

  2. So fun to watch from the sidelines this go round! All the fun of seeing other people do it, none of the pressure to get dressed every day :) Still I'm going on vacay and wish my options were a little more limited when it came to packing. That's okay, pack all the cardigans!!!

  3. Love that Old Navy sparkly shirt, because I have it, too! :) Not using it this time around, tho. Every time I wear that shirt people tell me they have it, too! Must be popular... Love your items!

  4. Sounds like a fun project. I can't wait to see the combinations you come up with.

  5. good luck!! can't wait to see how you do!!


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