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Sunday, August 4, 2013

churchy {special lessons and Book of Mormon Blogger}

if you're new around here or even if you aren't, it's the first sunday of the month which means things get a little churchy around here. since there are new people around here, i want to tell you why things get churchy. a group of bloggers (many of whom you probably know well) joined together to create the Book of Mormon Blogger project. want to know more? go here for my post about it.

this video has been on my mind a lot lately. because i work with kids with special needs, this video has extra special meaning for me.

sweet little paxton passed away a few weeks ago. while i didn't have the opportunity to work with him, his life still touched me. when he was in the hospital not doing well, i thought about this talk. at the time i know it brought great comfort to many families i have worked with over the years. as i listened to it again, i realized it really can help us all. i want to follow the advice given at the end to continue to bear my burdens nobly and reach out to those who are suffering. i'm so fortunate to work with many of these special families and to have the opportunity over and over again to learn these special lessons.
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