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Monday, August 12, 2013

weekend happs

this weekend flew right by. they always do, but this one seemed exceptionally fast. 

marathon training equals getting up with the birds to try and beat the heat and not waste the entire day. saturday was one of the most beautiful running days of my life. the weather was AMAZING, and we watched the sun come up over the mountain creating pink clouds. we ended the run by going down the slide into the pool in our clothes. my group has done that before, but I have waited 5 years to actually be there for it. 

i spent most of the rest of the weekend cleaning out stuff to get ready to move. this will be a story for another day, but in the past 10 days I decided to move, rented out my place, found a new place, and move this weekend. because it all happened so fast I kind of forgot about getting boxes. i have stuff everywhere! 

my cousin Abby went to a music camp all week in midway last week. their final performance was a concert with the piano guys. it was fun to see some family and have a break from this moving disaster. 

how was your weekend? please tell me it was better than packing all weekend long. 


  1. yay for changes! moving sucks. but new places rock!

  2. I can't wait to hear all about your move (and why!?!?!) either in person or on the blog :)

    We drove for 7 hours on Saturday home from CO. 7 hours is such a short trip when you're used to 10-11!! I couldn't believe how fast it felt!

  3. wow that's such a quick move! its crazy how that all works out so quickly sometimes!

  4. That sounds like the best ending to a run ever. I need to find someone with a pool and a slide.
    Hope your move goes smoothly. Mine are always a mad dash at the end, no matter how far in advance I know about it. Try calling Barnes and Noble. They are usually really good about saving boxes from their shipments if you ask. :o)


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