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Thursday, August 8, 2013

august 30x30...days 1-6

week 1 is already over. after may's 30x30 challenge i swore i would do better pictures if i ever did this again. well, 1 week in and that still hasn't happened. since i am so not a fashion blogger i thought i would document a little about what i'm doing as well as my outfits.

day 1...neon cardi, melon stripe, white shorts
working and dinner with a bloggy friend (undocumented)

 day cardi, black and white strip t, black skirt

day 3...purple tank, teal skinnies
bridal shower during the day and work GNO at night

day 4...old navy tank, navy cardi, denim skirt
church and taking my own pic with a tripod and remote. jacquelyn and kelly should be proud.

day tank, denim jacket, melon skinnies
work work work

day cardi, purple/mint stripe t, black maxi
pic taken after an appointment for work. i usually get just whoever is around to take my pictures. sometimes that works and sometimes that doesn't.

so far the worst part is taking the pictures-no surprise. go see what the others wore this week.



  1. I am proud! Mastering the tripod is a tricky thing!

  2. I think your photos looked really good this time around! I love your teal skinnies in day 3... day 4 is a fave of mine, too-- love the dressy look and I so need a pair of nude heels. Day 6 I just love your hair! I need to do buns more often!

  3. I think your pictures look great!! =)

    Love day #4 outfit! I would totally wear that to work!

    Kate @ Raising the Rogers

  4. All of your outfits are so adorable :) Love them!

  5. I think you look super cute in #5!

  6. my favorite are day 4 &5!! you look great!!

  7. That day 4 outfit is beautiful! You look fantastic!


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