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Monday, August 26, 2013

august 30x30...days 19-24 plus other fun stuff

everyone is probably tired of hearing me talk about how busy i am and how moving it killing me so i'll save it. before i get to what i've been wearing the past week, i want to tell you about a few other fun things first.
i got to know jacquelyn during the may 30x30 challenge. she started a blog swap program. it's a little different than others i have done in the past. it's pretty simple. 
1. sign up
2. get matched up with a partner
3. email, blog stalk, etc.
4. send a letter in the mail to your partner
it's that simple. you get mail...real mail and a new bloggy friend. i love it!
i got paired up with kaara for august. we've emailed back and forth several times and follow each other on social media. we have a lot in common, and it's been really fun to get to know her. unfortunately both of us have been pretty busy and were a little late in sending our letters, but they are in the mail now. it's been a lot of fun. want to join in the fun for september?
Signups begin August 26 (that's today)

Matches revealed September 1.

Contact must be made by September 4.

Letters sent by September 18.

Sharing post is September 25.

October signups begin September 23.


-The Shine Project employs low income American youth to hand make trendy bracelets to help them pay their way through college.

follow the shine project on instagram @theshineproject for your chance
 to win a $25 card to Soel and $25 to spend on Threads!

who is coming to this fun girls night out with other bloggers and girls across Utah? i know i'll be there.

and now for days 19-24...

day 19... the dinner part of monday night tradish continued for the first time in months although i actually took my pic at work that day.

day 20...worked late and ended the night at the tail of nettie and jp's gender reveal party

day 21... not sure why my bun is crooked/didn't notice until i took this picture

day 22...dinner at paradise bakery with friends followed by a return trip to provo to meet up with some blog friends

day 23...favorite things party (more to come)

day 24...shawn's birthday bbq and leigh and bobby's wedding recption
i don't love or even like my hair curly, but it was a literal monsoon outside when i got out of the shower. straight hair would have been a disaster.

in case you missed what i've been wearing all month
days 13-18
days 7-12
days 1-6
30 items



  1. Loving day 24!! I would love to try to wear my ON sequin top like that, as I have a maxi skirt and jean jacket. I really love Day 20, too, you look lovely! :) I wish I had your had, it looks nice and thick and I love the length.

  2. 1. I love all of your outfits. I have been sooooo bad this month and I think I have to bow out :-( 2. I can't wait for you and Kaara to receive each other's letters!

  3. Day 23 is so fun. I love those colors.
    Post Exchange sounds like so much fun. I really need to get my act more organized so I can start doing fun stuff like that again.

  4. Loving your outfits :) So fun!

  5. Loving your outfits :) So fun!

  6. Those purple wedge shoes are really cute!


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