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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

august 30x30...days 13-18

if you're new around here, welcome! so happy to have you.
sorry for the silence around here the past few days. i up and moved over the weekend which caused a fair amount of chaos. i attempted to post on monday. turns out it's helpful if you use the correct internet password. oops! somehow i managed to keep up 30x30 in the midst of this crazy move. it actually made packing a lot easier since i only had to keep out my 30 items. confession...i did cheat once this week.

day of the perk of training so many new people at work is i often have a photographer

 day 15...outside the house of a family i work wtih

day new pic spot in my office wasn't as great this time

day 17...moving day. i wore a 30x30 shirt but cheated and wore yoga pants. i wasn't about to move in skinny jeans.

day 18...starting to get the slightest bit settled
even though i'm a little late posting, i am so happy i stuck with the challenge through the move and all the other craziness.
come check out what everyone else is wearing.


  1. Day 13 and 18 are my favorites! I love the black and white in Day 13... black and white seems like it is going to be super popular this Fall!

  2. I love that picture of you in front of the fireplace!

  3. Day 18! Love that top. If it's Bella Bird, well I just don't know what I'll do. . . :)

  4. Love day 13~~~Day 18 you look amazing too!

    Kate @ Raising the Rogers


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