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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

blogging the bah 9.11 {finale and after the final rose}

this season of the bach is over. it's FINALLY over!  i kind of thought it was never going to end, but it also went by too fast to have another viewing party or swap posts. oh well...there's always juan pablo. kimberly and i are here giving you our final thoughts on this season.

my sister sent me a text about a half hour before i started watching to see if i was watching yet. she then told me i was going to want to poke my eyes out. she may have been right. she also said "i hope you like poetry". kill me!

the show starts and i still think brooks probably comes back. obvi he doesn't. chris harrison wants to know if des is ok. are you serious chris? no, she's not ok!
the rose ceremony starts and the awkwardness begins and actually doesn't end until the credits roll 3 freaking hours later. i love the a lot, but 3 hours is way past my attention limit.

drew gets the first date, and i am beyond nervous for him. i've been saying for weeks he is going to get his heart broken, and i was right. des does to drew what brooks did to des. he says "i just want to be happy", and i am shocked. no really. he must be the only person in the world to think that. to be really honest, i wasn't paying super close attention. this whole season i've taken notes like my life depended on it to write these posts, but i just didn't have it in me this time. i guess that translates into a little more snark and sass than usual.

chris greets des by saying "i'm here" and i really hope it's not in the form of poetry. this season is so awkward i can't even stand it.
des talks about things working out the way they should. i start thinking more serious things including my random rambling post this week. she's right. things really do work out the way they should. i also start thinking about all the blog love i got from that post. blog friends are real and the best! (told you i wasn't paying much attention)

chris gives des the journal with what starts out as a simple sweet note (there's hope) and ends with the poetry (nevermind...hopeless). i just can't on this ...

i am a loyal friend to the death, but if my almost fiancee describes me as a loyal friend, i might die.

des fell in love with chris in the 2 days since brooks left enough to accept a proposal. i'm mormon so i feel justified in making fun of them. that is seriously worse than the mormons. people say when you know you know, but really?!? promise me if i ever come home (or here to the blog) and say i'm getting married after dating less than a few months, take me away for weekend so i can think about it. i might still do it, but i need some time away to think. 

they get engaged after some major awks, and my final thought is well, i guess some people like poetry.

my favorite part of the whole night was the return of the formers...
sean and catherine...please announce the wedding. love sean's continued use of bach talk (journey)
jackie...she must live in LA because we saw her for like .2 seconds on sean's season, but now she's always on. always. her...the end

by the time we get to after the final rose does anyone even care anymore. i don't. mega note taking definitely stopped. i was more into twitter instead.
we have more awkwardness-much more awkwardness. there's one more final poem (gag), and my final thought on des and chris is they're a perfect awkward fit. i hope they make it. i really do.

one final word count including audience comments (does anyone really care about those? ok didn't think so) and excluding after the final rose (i was done and done by that point)
love...probably the most over used word of the season...67
lucky...might tell you something about the mood of the episode...2
romance...also telling...1
journey...7 including sean's use of the word
fairytale...again i'm getting concerned...1
i probably should have counted the times i said awkward. it was a lot!

this hasn't been my favorite, but blogging with kimberly has been fun. i'm basically dying to know what she thought of the most awkward/boring dramatic season of the bach. i loved it enough i just might be back for juan pablo's season...stay tuned.

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  1. When she sent Drew home, I wondered why she even gave him a rose the night before and made him wait it out. I guess then the whole show would have been over and she couldn't have left Chris in suspense when she stopped him right as he was about to propose or whatever :P
    I like how you put that they are perfectly awkward together. That is probably the best way to describe it. They work, and they are cute, but they are definitely awkward to watch!

  2. Yep, Des did to Drew exactly what Brooks did to her.

    I'm thinking that Jackie and Des became good friends on the show and thats why she keeps showing up.


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