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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

august 30x30...days 7-12

after i signed up for this round of 30x30, i decided to move. i got a little nervous about doing it in the middle of that mess. it actually makes packing a lot easier. i only have 30 pieces of clothes to even worry about keeping out. 
day pic spot in the office. i went to a super fun blogger meetup (post to come) and should definitely have taken my picture there 

day 8...outside the office. i ran into the PR lady who actually knows how to use a nice camera.

day 9...outside the slurp. friday lunch followed by treats at the slurp (my new fave) 

day 10...zermatt resort at my cousins violin performance. i never would have put this outfit together so 30x30 is working. although, this isn't my fave outfit and for sure not my fave pic this week.

 day 11...visiting a girl from church and trying to avoid the shadows (impossible)

day 12...back in midway at the homestead for our staff retreat. yes, that shirt and cardi have both been worn this week. 30x30=much more frequent laundry
in case you missed the other august 30x30 posts...
days 1-6
30 items
come see what everyone else is wearing.



  1. OMG, I love the homestead resort. So much. Beside the point.

    Day 7, super good pic of you! Day 11 is probably my favorite outfit. Love the print of the skirt.

  2. Day 8 and 11 are my favorite outfits! And, I see you got out the ON sequin shirt in Day 7! Love it with the melon colored pants and jean jacket!

  3. Love days 7 and 11. The colors on both days are wonderful.

  4. Love those peach pants and the skirt outfit ;) my faves! I should do this challenge next time!

  5. Your outfits are so so cute and I am in love with your blog design!!


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