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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

blogging the bach 18.1

i'm not much of a tv person, but i love the bachelor. i had plans to do a preview post, but i obviously never got around to it.
confession...i wasn't super excited for juan pablo to be the bachelor. i thought maybe i was the only one, but i've heard it from a few other people. after reading a few posts about the girls and seeing a few previews, i am pretty excited about this season. i think we will all be entertained.
some quick business before we get to the bachelor biz
1.after blogging last season with kimberly, we decided to do it again. ashley is also joining us. we love it so much, it's now a link up. make sure to link up if you blog the bach.
2. i abbreviate anything possible. for example, the bach. join us on social media with the hashtag #bloggingthebach
3. i don't read spoilers! i want to hear your thoughts, but please don't post spoilers. it ruins the fun.
4. my plans for the season include best dressed, not my fave, word tally, my pick for the rose

even though i love the bach, i can't believe we have sunday and monday nights this week. that's a lot of tv for a non tv watcher like me. i can't miss it though.
a quick little blurb about the countdown to juan pablo...
we heard the word love 25 times and journey only once.
the tribute to gia was really touching and made me super sad

ok. on with episode 1 (probably my least fave episode of the season)
sean and catherine are one of my faves so i was really happy to see sean. the convo was a little weird, and i predict per sean's advice that juan pablo is going to do a heckuva lot of making out. sean may also be replaced as the shirtless bachelor.

a few things about the girls that didn't stick around
lauren h...poor girl. i thought she might stay just for the sake of drama, but there were far too many tears. i think jenna from ben's season may have been replaced.
kylie...most awkward moment of the night at the rose ceremony. i just don't even know what to say about the poor girl. kat and kylie sound nothing alike to me. maybe it's just me.

and now for the girls that did stay. side's a lot easier to keep track of the girls in the beginning based on dresses than dudes.
1. sharlene...i knew the rose was going to her. i'm pretty sure we were all afraid she was going to say no. she's not my fave, but it looks like from the previews she stay for a while.
2. the pink dress, really cute, hopefully not crazy, baby bump???
3. nikki the her so far
4. renee...single mom is definitely sticking around for a while, does anyone else wish she would curl her hair?
5. andi-love the bio interview, love the dress, love the intro, love her
6. alli the nanny
7. chantel
8. lauren s-felt really sad for her when she messed up her music intro
9. kelly, dog lover=unemployed
10. cassandra-super awks the whole time
11. danielle-loved the top of her dress, unsure about the bottom
12. chelsie-cute, like her
13. kat
14. victoria
15. kristy-predicted problem child
16. lucy-free spirit, might also be the problem child
17. elise
18. amy l-weird hugger
for better or worse, some girls obviously stand out more than others.
best dressed...torn between andi and clare
not my fave...amy j the massage therapist in the shimmery olive gold dress
my first impression rose...andi
 i will re-evaluate in a couple of weeks, but my top 4 picks for now are 
andi-she's my top

and last, the word tally
amazing...not yet
fairytale...not yet

what did you think? who do you like? did he keep the right girls? are you blogging the bach? link up below and come back next week for another round of blogging the bach.


  1. Glad to be blogging with you! I hate spoilers too and the first episode is my least favorite! I did not see Sharleen getting that rose. Good call!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Haha, I thought the exact same thing about Kylie. And how awkward because she had to stand there for the next however many roses and know that she probably wasn't getting one, otherwise, why would he have made such a big stink reaction.

    I need to watch it though. I watched the first half hour and the last half hour, but Joe took me to dinner in the middle and it's not on Hulu yet!!! :(

  3. I was going to watch this for the first time in years last night, but forgot!!

  4. I've been avoiding your post so much I didn't realize it was a link up!! Haha, well I just added mine. :) I need to pick a top four next time.

  5. I have been so excited for Juan-uary (oh yes, I just said that)! Excited to see you're posting the episodes again. Watching the episodes live is a no-go for me since 7:00 shows tend to interrupt right with bath and bed time at our house (not to mention FHE on Mondays!) so I've always watching the bach the next day on ABC or Hulu. Well this season, the episodes are LOCKED for a week if you don't have a cable provider, which we don't :( So I am like a WHOLE ENTIRE week behind before I am able to watch an episode, but I'll be following along with your posts. My fav girls so far? Claire and Renee probably...Charlene just needs to go home. She's obviously not feeling him, but seems to feel like if she's come all this way, she should give him a shot. Poor other girls that get sent home instead who really like him!


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