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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

blogging the bach 18.3

is it really only week 3?!? with all the sunday night specials it seems like this season is going on and on. speaking of the sunday night specials, i have a few things to say about this week.
1. for some reason, i looked up des and chris's proposal on you tube last week. it is the most awkward thing ever. it looks like they are happy so that's good, but i would want a do over.
2. does anyone else feel like you could be friends with the bach people? i really like some of them.
3. i've seen lots of stuff about trista's book on social media. i love trista and ryan. i really want to read the book
4. i always say i want a fake wedding ring...either that or neil lane

now onto week 3 of juan pablo and his ladies. make sure to go check out what ashley and kimberly have to say and link up below if you wrote a post.

date #1...cassandra
juan p doesn't want to waste her time since she's a single mom. so, what about all the other girls and their time? just wondering
by the time she told us for the 5th time this was her first first date in 3 years, i decided she has nothing else to say about her life. i kind of want to know more about the former part of her nba dancer sitch. i mean i agree. first dates suck, but your car turns into a boat which leads to a sunset makeup and dinner cooked by a hot (even if he can't speak english) dude, who cares when your last first date was. this is better.
i'm not sure about cassandra yet. she's not my fave, but i don't hate her.

date date
google image
juan p says camila is 1/2 his life and the other 1/2 is soccer. where does a woman fit in?
digressing for a minute...i played soccer once. i was 5. i picked flowers all season long. my sports anchor dad never made me play again. i wish i would have kept playing. i think i would like it now, but i feel way too old to start.
i keep asking "who is that blonde?"---turns out it's christy.
love andi's black with a little sparkle dress. still love andi.
juan p kisses lots of girls. they seem to forget they are on the bachelor. he's kissing everyone ok.
most awkward kiss of the night goes to sharleen. it only gets worse when she says it feels so organic. you know he has no idea what that means. i'm not even sure i know what that means.
during the game i thought for sure sharleen was getting the rose. it went to nikki, and i agree.

daye #3...chelsie
elise is really starting to bug me.
favorite line of the nights it's a "high dive on crack."
chelsie needs to take a tip from selma from sean's season...jump or you're going home. even though juan p gives her the choice, there really is no choice.
they jump and proceed to make some really cliche/bachelor analogies about jumping and life, etc.
she gets the rose, but i think she will leave soon...until the concert, and now I'm not so sure.

breakfast/pool party
no girls want to be seen without makeup. it's just embarrassing. BUT it probably is a good idea to catch the girls off guard just a little.
the girls seem to forget that it's the bachelor, and he likely is kissing all of them. i get it. that would be crappy, but it's what they signed up for.

a few random thoughts...
1. what is chris h wearing at the very beginning? if that's from his line of clothes, i'm worried.
2. why does juan p like sharleen so much?

3. i'm getting more worried about renee. she's totally in the mom zone. does he even look at her as a possible interest or just as the mom?
4. have these girls ever seen this show before? he kisses lots of girls. the end

best dressed at the rose ceremony goes to...tie between renee and andi
not my fave...elise

and the word tally
amazing...7 but i'm pretty sure i missed some

what did you think of this week? who is your favorite? 



  1. I have to watch all the specials still.

    They are on my DVR. The only thing I know about Cassandra is the she carries actual printed photos of her son everywhere and her last first date was when she was 18? Does she even have a personality?
    Sharleen is weird. One minute she seems cool and the next her ego is about to explode.
    He seemed to be really into Chelsie during the concert. Weird.
    Elise is about to turn into a train wreck. Mark my words.

    Great review!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. I only got to watch the first 30 minutes. But I thought the same thing about how he doesn't want to waste a single mom's time. Like, that's really sweet, but you're okay wasting everyone else's time? Crazy Juan. haha

  3. The sucky thing about the show is that if he decides early who he wants to be with he still has to keep a certain number of girls around, so yeah he's going to end up wasting someone's time probably. But single moms have someone depending on them a little bit more. Other than that, waste my time in a mansion with a swimming pool in LA? You don't have to twist my arm.

    And I totally want to be friends with Renee. And amen to Elise being annoying.

    I think Kelly missed an opportunity to get some one on one time with JP and show that she was chill. Guys love girls with out make up on, heck they usually can't tell a difference!

  4. I thought for sure Sharleen would get the group date rose as well! :P But oh well. Maybe they need a pep talk every morning when they get out of bed. "Remember, you're on The Bachelor and there are lots of other girls that Juan Pablo is dating and going after and interested in right now. He's going to be kissing more than just one until the very end, if you don't like those terms, you probably shouldn't have come on the show..."

  5. Here's my thoughts after I finally got to watch. Juan Pablo seems genuinely sweet and to care about all the girls when they're each taking their turn to break down and cry. I dig that.
    Renee does seem like a good friend for sure. She's always right there with whoever may be crying. Not sure if there's a connection with JP yet though.
    I want a Neil Lane ring too!!

  6. P.S. Sharleen BUGS big time. She needs to go! She doesn't even seem to like him. Their kissing is super awkward!


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