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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

what would you do 4.0

it's the second wed of the month so kimberly and i are back for another round of 
with a bag of carrots
we picked something healthy this time to change it up from some of the past themes. i really wanted to try a carrot cake, but in keeping with the healthy theme i did not.

1. pineapple curry
 yellow curry sauce, curry paste, olive oil, garlic powder, pineapple, veggies (peppers, carrots-2, onion, whatev), chicken
cook veggies and chicken separately (i don't know why this matters but it does) in olive oil and garlic powder. combine in stir fry pan. add about 1 T curry paste and 2-3 T curry sauce. i don't measure. i just put in. serve over rice or quinoa cooked in chicken broth with garlic powder and minced onion.
 2. quinoa with vegetables
 quinoa, chicken bullion or broth, broccoli, carrots-4(shred in food processor), celery (not pictured), shredded chicken, grated cheese 
cook quinoa per directions but use broth instead of water. add spices such as garlic powder, salt, and minced onion. add vegetables and simmer. add shredded cooked chicken. add some shredded cheese.
we made something similar over the holidays, but i wanted more vegetables and chicken. the measurements vary depending on what exactly you want.

 3. spaghetti sauce
Jes posted her recipe for flavor packed tomato sauce. i used her recipe as my starting point. i also added celery, mushrooms, and carrots-4. i chopped all the veggies in the food processor and cooked all together. i forgot to use the sweet potato she used. the store didn't have stewed tomatoes so i used all diced. although i altered the amounts and the cooking directions, i mostly followed her recipe.

 4. eat them with or without homemade ranch
ranch packet. follow directions on packet. if you want to lower the fat, use skim milk and western family (brand specific) light mayo. 
 i bought a 2 pound bag and had enough carrots to make one more thing, but i ran out of town. i used the remaining carrots for a mid day snack. it was so nice having them already cut up and ready to eat.

i can't wait to see what kimberly did with her bag of carrots.

come back next month for WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with a target cardigan?
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  1. Love the curry recipe, I totally have to try it!! And I also wanted to do carrots in a pasta sauce, but I didn't have time. So close to being twinners!!

  2. It is either carrot cake or just raw carrots with ranch dip for me! I don't really like cooked carrots much. ;)

  3. YUM! This is such a fun blog post. I love this idea!

  4. You should have built a snowman and used one for the nose ;)

  5. Pineapple Curry, Shut up! Love it, totally trying it!
    & ps.. I want to get on the WWYD bandwagon.. You should do a little link up so people can join in and we can see what everyone did (:


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