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Thursday, January 23, 2014

wear it...not wednesday

i realized yesterday most of my recent posts have been about running and the bachelor. both of those things take up a decent amount of time lately, but i'm sure people want to hear about other what i'm wearing.

i sit on the floor with kids most of the day so what i wear to work isn't always all that exciting. i always wish i had a job that required business dress, but i'm sure that would drive me crazy too. yesterday i needed a little more professional look because i had a meeting with a community partner. i had some church responsibilities in the evening and needed to throw on a skirt and heels. i don't often love my clothes, but i kind of loved this.

gap outlet cardi, old navy button down, kohls red skinnies, target ballet flats



  1. This outfit looks comfortable yet a little dressed up at the same time. Love it! I really love the red necklace (not sure what those necklaces are called, but I have a mint one) with the red skinnies. I am still on the lookout for some red skinnies for myself.

  2. Loving the red jeans!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. I love it! Perfect for Valentines Day coming up too!

  4. so cute!! i would wear this for work too!!

  5. Love everything about this! I have yet to find the perfect shade of red skinnys!

  6. That outfit is PERFECT! <3 And I realized I've done a TON of relationship posts lately. Which is totally a passion of mine, but I'm gonna try and mix it up a little bit this week :)

  7. So cute Aubrey! Does does the button down have a collar? I always feel weird putting a big necklace with a collared shirt but you totally pulled it off.


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