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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

blogging the bach 18.4

kimberly, ashley, and i are back for another round of blogging the bach. before i get to this week's bach chat, let's talk about sean and catherine's wedding for a minute. did you watch? 
i loved loved loved the wedding. i'm such a sucker for that stuff. i loved sean's season, and i really love sean and catherine. i miss sean's season...a lot. how cute are the lowe's? forget looking for a husband. i'm looking for in laws like the lowe's. i decided to live tweet the wedding rather than blog so i'll end by saying i'm a hopeless romantic. onto to the bach...

juan p has to say goodbye to his daughter and family. i hate goodbyes! they really are the worst.
is anyone else wondering why they are already traveling out of the country? 
juan p arrives in south korea and says "love" 6x in 1 min. this is going to be good.

group date numero uno
dancing all day seems really fun, but did anyone actually spend any time with juan p?
the spice girls reference took me straight back to high school (yes I said high school. i'm old)
kat has no problem acting like she owns the place. i'm not loving her this week.
i have really liked nikki this whole time. she was really smart to go along with the dancing even though she felt like a fool BUT starting smack talk with the girls is the dumbest idea. has she never seen this show? this is going to bite her in the butt for sure. 
the drama is really starting. if these girls were smart, they would realize this is the chance to make the best friends of their lives since only one of them will end up with the final rose. look at lesley and catherine from sean's season.

sharleen's one-on-one
everyone on the show seems to be falling in love except sharleen. too bad juan p is so obessed with her. again i wonder why???
their terrible mismatched style seems like a pretty good representation of them...a major mismatch.
please don't ever describe me as "not bland"
i laughed a little when she said this was their first real date. this is the bach girl. this might be your only.
they have a major makeout sesh, and i'm seriously afraid he might eat her face off.
i don't get these 2. i really don't, but i think she's around to stay.

group date numero dos
i'm a little bit over it by this point. i actually like some of the girls on this date, but i'm bored.
i really want renee's mint skinnies. i've been obsessed since last spring and never have found the right pair. i'm also afraid she's in the friend zone.
clare definitely has the first date curse. they really seem to fit the best together, but she might be a little too possessive. i still don't think she will be the last one.
juan p seems to really like andi. i'm glad because i really like her too.

best dressed
andi (consistently good fashion)

not my fave

ashley might shoot me for saying this, but juan p isn't my fave. i'm having a hard time feeling like it's really going to work out with any of these girls. i hope i'm wrong. we all know i'm super obsessed with the bach, but with all the sunday specials+monday nights, it's just a lot of tv for me. maybe i'll be more excited in the next few weeks.

word tally
love...14 (6 in 1 minute)
no mention of fairytale

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  1. great post! sharleen is sooo annoying. I want her out. Now!! I also really love your word tally! That cracked me up.

    As for jp. I agree. I'm bored with it. But because I'm obsessed, I keep watching. Maybe I'll start a word tally or something to keep me doing something while I'm doing it. But I kinda want sean back.

  2. Haha. I won't kill you. Like I said I enjoy people who have their own opinions. He's def. not super exciting, I think I just get really into it because I love the franchise. The only Bachelor I've really hated was Ben Flajnik. He was looking to promote is winery and looking for som boo-tay.

    My post will be up on Thursday!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. Yeah.. Juan Pablo isn't my favorite either. Sierra and I were saying last night that he does a lot of fun dates and stuff, but them talking to him just isn't exciting or interesting at all.

  4. I actually started liking Sharleen this week! She seemed to loosen up a little. It's so funny how the person who likes him the least (probably) is his favorite. I guess the girls who wrote that Rules book in the 90s were on to something :)


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