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Monday, January 27, 2014

weddings and wedding cake...steve and rachael

i decided to live tweet the bachelor wedding instead of blog, but i will have a couple of thoughts on the wedding in tomorrow's blogging the bach post. let's just say, i love sean and catherine. 
i love weddings! sometimes as a single person they can be a little rough, but mostly i love them. back in college, one of my bffs and i used to dream about being wedding planners someday. she got married and moved away, and i graduated and went a different direction. i've never forgotten about that dream. it's part of my someday dream right now.
when celsey and i started making cakes (mostly gender reveal), i really wanted to do a wedding cake, but i was also really nervous.
when my good friends rachael and steve asked me to make their cake, i was equal parts flattered, excited, and terrified. what if i messed up their wedding cake?!?
it was a pretty simple cake which took off a ton of pressure. even though i was scared, i really really loved doing it. it was so exciting taking it to the venue and working with the floral designer to make it look perfect. i was so happy with how it turned out. thanks rachael and steve for trusting me with your cake and making a small part of my dream a reality.

photo credit heather ellis photography


  1. That is a gorgeous cake, Aubrey! I love fresh flowers on wedding cakes, too!

  2. It's gorgeous! So simple yet SO wedding chic <3 I didn't know you had cake making talents too!

  3. That cake is amazing! GREAT JOB! P.S. I'm so out of the loop with the Bach show! I've never watched one episode!

  4. Oh my, Aubrey! That is beautiful! Love the fresh flowers!


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