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Friday, January 31, 2014

2014...BALANCE...jan update

earlier this month i talked about my goals for 2014. my main goal/word of the year is BALANCE. how am i doing so far???

i took this picture at 12:07 am. it is now 12:20 am, and i am finally sitting down to write this post. i know i know you are all thinking i am crazy and should just go to bed. you're both. i set a goal to go to bed by 12:00 every night. the first week i did pretty well. 4/5 is pretty good for me. i don't think i have gone to bed by 12:00 since. i need to continue to work on this goal.
the other truth is i washed these clothes last weekend. another weekend is about to start. that means i have had clean clothes on the drying rack for nearly a week because i haven't had time to put them away. 

my other goal for the month was no unnecessary spending. i have done pretty well as far as not spending random money at target, but i did spend some money on the blog that i wasn't really planning on. i'll keep working on this as well.

so basically balance isn't going very well so far. i started out the year planning to do monthly goals again, but i have changed my mind...sort of. i still plan to work on something each month, but i want it to have something to do with balance. i really really need more balance in my life.

my goal for february is to continue to work on getting to bed by 12:00am. i know i need more sleep, so i am really going to try hard. feel free to check in on me. how was your january? did you accomplish your goals?



  1. I'm so guilty of clean laundry still being out the next time I do laundry and it drives Joe insane!!!

  2. We always end up with 2 loads in the dryer before we put it away haha. I'm so bad at that. I hope all the blog money you spent works out! :)


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