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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

blogging the bach 18.2

ashley, kimberly, and i are back for week 2 of blogging the bach. i've said over and over that i love all things bachelor. i really do, but the first few weeks are a little rough. we have no idea who anyone is, and nothing too exciting usually happens. well, this season we still have no idea who anyone is, but the excitement craziness has already started.
first one-on-one goes to clare. although really exciting, getting the first one-on-one is usually the kiss of death. the previews make it look like she sticks around for a while. my prediction is they want us to think it's her in the end, but it's not really her in the end. the final person doesn't usually get that much air time this early on. i could be wrong, but that's the norm. 
clare says she doesn't date much, doesn't go to bars or date online. she wonders how she is supposed to meet someone. i wonder the exact same thing. let me know if you have any answers.
juan pablo blindfolds clare and says he loves surprises. that always scares me a little. i like some surprises, but i'm not really good with them most of the time. i usually figure it out. do you like surprises?
i hate snow. i hate winter. all i can think is i would be really mad if i was in the middle of LA and got stuck on a snow date. on the other hand, this might be the best way to enjoy winter.
the hot tub comes out, and this is the steamiest date of the night. he stares at her boobs, they make out, she gets the rose, they make out more, and i stand by the fact that she won't be the last one standing. i do think she will go far. 

lucy/free spirit continues to be the free spirit. i wonder how long they will keep her on. i literally cannot relate to her one little bit.

the only thing of note about kat's date is that it was in utah. why in the world did i not run the electric run? i keep thinking i will run into 1 of the utah bachelor peeps, but so far is hasn't happened.

i thought the snow date was my nightmare until the group date. modeling with puppies would be the death of me. i'm not an animal person at all.
lucy talks about borrowed shoes, and we're all happy she's actually wearing shoes.
i feel so bad for andi. i would freak out too. juan pablo was so cute with her, and it makes me like her even more. she's still my pick for right now. i honestly can't decide what's worse...being naked or modeling with dogs. i'm sorry to all the animal lovers, but i just am not one, if i had andi's body, i'm thinking i would say being naked wins over posing with the pups.
it's obvious over and over that juan pablo really likes nikki. i'm in love with her low bouffant bun.
renee cracks me up as she talks about 1/2 way ok not really kissing juan pablo. she is definitely the mom in the group always comforting people.
poor victoria. what a hot mess! i don't drink, but when she tries to say she only had 1 drink, i'm going to call bs on that. she was just a mess.
kelly got the group date rose. i think it should have gone to andi-mostly for tolerating the naked pics.
even though juan pablo took some english lessons, a whole lot of this season seems to come down to the fact that he can't speak english

sharlene redeems herself from last week and makes a joke of saying "sure". she still might be trouble, but i like it.
cassandra was the obvious choice to call first after her major meltdown.
i can't seem to remember lauren to save my life.

my best dressed goes to...sharleen. i can't find a picture anywhere. she wears bold neutral dresses. i could never ever wear a dress like that, but i love it.
not my favorite...danielle. she looks like she poured herself into liquid gold. yikes!

and for the word tally
amazing...9...i might have missed a few

did you watch? what did you think? if you blog the bach, make sure to link up.
and if you missed last week...


  1. I loved Nikki's hair so much at the photo shoot. I think it was the best she's looked so far. And I also would pick Sharleen for the best dressed that night. She picks really classy dresses. Right now Renee is my personal favorite.

  2. Yes! I loved Nikki's hair on the evening portion of the group date! Clare's date was so boring. I really like Andi. I think Renee's caring about others is going to be her downfall. She won't spend enough time on her feelings for Juan. Can't wait 'til next week!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. The photo shoot was so awkward. During the Utah date, I couldn't help but think that it wasn't really a date, she kind of got jipped. The other one on one date was a lot of one on one time, this one is all with a bazillion people, did they really get time to talk? No... but she still got a rose. How awkward would it have been if she didn't get the rose in front of all of those people?! And I was glad he handled Victoria that way, I thought it was classy and he's not going to let the drama get out of hand like Sean did.

  4. I missed how he handled the Victoria thing, and the photo shoot made me sick to my stomach. But I like Clare and Kat. I think Clare tried a little too hard though. Too much giggling for me.


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