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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

beauty: in my makeup bag-eye shadow

i still can't believe how much makeup i have in one sort of small bag. besides a huge eye shadow pallet, extra eyeliner, and lip products, i keep everything in my makeup bag. i love eye shadow, and i love options. i use the same base color every single day (clinique daybreak) and highlight with a variety of other colors.
some of my fave eyeshadows are MAC, clinique, and recently the ulta happy birthday pallet.
if you're not a member of ulta's reward system, join now.

what are your faves?
in case you missed what else is in my makeup bag
part 1-the basics
part 2-mascara/eyeliner

PS-i'm hosting a blue nail polish swap for autism awareness on instagram. i'm leaving sign ups open through today. it's simple. sign up, get a partner, send a package/get a package.


  1. The MAC is a fav of mine, for sure! Thank you for sharing! Please come share this with me starting tonight! I know others will love it!
    Have a wonderful day! xx Ashleigh @SimplyWright

  2. I'm currently obsessed with my Naked Basics 2, Costal Scents Revealed 2 and Maybelline Nudes!

  3. Nice makeup bag! I love Ulta's products too! I use their bronzer every morning!

  4. THIS is what I needed. Thank you! Can't wait to go shopping!

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