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Thursday, April 9, 2015

simple jewelry board

my niece is really getting into jewelry these days which i totally love. she has enough that she needs a better organization system. this was the perfect, simple solution.

block of wood (sometimes you can get lucky and find scrap wood)
paint (we used a cotton candy pink) and paintbrush
tools (drill, wrench, tape measure, pencil)
drawer pulls

paint block of wood. you'll probably need 2 coats. sand edges if you want to distress. (we meant to do that but kind of forgot)

measure where you want the holes and drill holes. grab edges with wrench and slowly twist into block of wood

hang on the wall 

voila. so cute for a little girl's room. this would also be so cute for a grown up room.

i kind of want to make one for myself except i have the biggest jewelry board already. 


  1. I was just thinking, this is super cute! But I have a cupboard thing already and Joe would probably laugh at me if I told him I wanted more... ;) Maybe if I run out of space in it hee hee


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