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Friday, April 10, 2015

for the little tykes...saying yes

i've talked about discipline and the importance of consistency which quite often means telling kids no. parents have to tell kids they/do things throughout the day, but today i want to talk about the opposite.
it's really important for kids to have boundaries and limits, but sometimes it's ok to say yes.
yes to pulling all the canned foods out of the pantry to play store
yes to riding bikes in the front 
yes to cheetos at the store
yes to playing barbies when it's time for laundry
yes to an extra story at bedtime
yes to a frozen yogart run at 7:30 at night when it's normally time to get ready for bed.
of course, some of these are exceptions. we can't say yes all the time which makes it even more exciting when the answer is yes.
i'm in california visiting my sister and her family. my niece has been promised a girl's night for the past several weeks. dinner ran late, and it seemed like there might not be time. tonight the answer was yes. the girls loaded up in one car to go get frozen yogart, and the boys loaded up in the other to go get ice cream. the kids got to bed a little later than they should, but we all had a fun, memorable night. the kids came home so happy and cooperated with bedtime. the yes was totally worth it, and i'm so happy i got to be part of it.
what have you said yes to lately?


  1. Ah, I love this!!! :) I'll remember this when my little guy is old enough :)

  2. I love this. I try to remember that every time in our lives with JaiseAnn is precious and is a phase. yes happens at our house.

  3. My nieces and nephews love staying up past their bedtime, no matter what!


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