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Monday, April 27, 2015

spring break 2015...california

ashley and i had time off work at the same time so it was the perfect chance to go to california for a few days. the time went by way too fast, and we had lots of fun. i celebrated easter with them before ashley got there. once she was there, it was all about holding baby kenzie and playing with the kids.

meeting baby kenzie
karlee loves that baby so much, and she's such a good little helper 
little diva
riding the wiggle
I took kenzie's newborns. 
we promised karlee a girl's night. she was so excited and had the best time going with just the girls for frozen yogurt. 
picnic at the park 

i had the best week in calidornia. it was so sad leaving and even more sad facing the reality of far far away family. 


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