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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

beauty:in my makeup bag-mascara/eyeliner

i started talking about my makeup bag last week, and i'm back for more makeup this week. i've posted my mascara on instagram a few times. it is a little out of control how much mascara i wear.

with my makeup routine, i apply eyeshadow and then eyeliner. my fave eyeliner right now is kat von dee liquid eyeliner. i also like stila and urban decay liquid. i go through phases with eyeliner. sometimes i prefer liquid, sometimes twist up. 

i start out with a primer. right now i use the clinique eyelash primer. i also really like MAC eyelash primer. i start with either a lengthening or thickening mascara. after a few coats, i curl my eyelashes, and start adding more and more coats. i alternate between MAC and clinique for lengthening and thickening depending on sales and prices. i just got the bare minerals lash domination and added it to my routine. i finish with mary kay to seal it all. it's not waterproof, but it seems to help the rest stay. 

people give me a hard time about all the mascara, but it's what works for me. what mascara and eyeliner do you use on a daily basis? does anything change if you're going out?



  1. Once when my budget was really tight I got the cheapest Rimmel mascara and I LOVE it. And I do put on coats and coats of it until I look like Minnie Mouse :)

  2. Do you have a favorite eye shadow primer?? I had one I liked, but it's stopped working lately :P I hate eyeshadow just because mine always totally melts :P

  3. Love Clinique! I use their mascara too. Do you find that using the last primer makes a big difference?

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. I'm a layerer too! lol right now i use Clinique High Impact mascara and then Better than Sex from Too Faced. I feel like one mascara just doesn't do it all!


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