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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

wwyd...floral inspiration

in case you're new around here or just need a reminder...the second wednesday of the month is 
WWYD (what would you do)...
each month kimberly and i choose a theme, do something(craft, recipe, fashion) with the theme, and host a link up. we're not big on rules so if you have a post (new or old) that fits the theme, we would love to have you link up with us.
this month we want to know
what would you do...with floral inspiration?

floral patterns have been all the rage for a while. my style is not vintage at all, and i really haven't gotten too on board with floral patterns. i think these are the only 2 floral items i even own, and they're both agnes and dora.

i usually don't wear a lot of leggings in the spring/summer, but this outfit is so springy i make an exception.
gap cardi|old navy v nack|agnes and dora leggings|target flats

i've posted this outfit many times. it's my fave floral.
agnes and dora kimono and skirt|target v neck|gap sandals

we want to see your floral looks. link up below.
next month we want to know
what would you do...with strawberries?



  1. So...even if you don't love them, you look fantastic in floral prints! I just posted a floral fashion post yesterday (my first ever) to link to the creative closet. :) I realized it's really the only floral print I have...but I'm loving it.

  2. Ohhh I love them both, but that kimono is perfection!

  3. I love those floral pants! Especially with that gorgeous purple color. So cute for Spring!

  4. I'm not a big fan of floral prints either. But I LOVE that first outfit on you and I loved the second one on you as well!! :)

  5. You know I love that second outfit on you! It's so great. And the other one is sooooooo cute too! You rock leggings as pants. Not fair ;)


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