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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

beauty: #wipeforwater challenge

**i received this product complimentary from influencer for testing**

every year around earth day (tomorrow) I start thinking a little more about the earth. i wouldn't consider myself an environmentalist, but i try to do my part mostly in the form of recycling. we obviously only have one earth, and i feel a sense of obligation to protect it. so what does that have to do with beauty?!?
the average household wastes about 10,000 gallons of water every year. neutrogena partnered with the nature conservancy to help saving water. every day you wash your face without water you save 5 gallons of water. that's a lot of water! they're made from 100% renewable fiber so they're not bad for the environment. let's be honest. washing your face is one of the worst beauty routines so anything to make it a little easier is great.

i was a little apprehensive about using them. i have used generic wipes in the past, and my face never really feels clean. these are totally different. i've been using them for a couple of weeks, and my face feels so clean when i am done. they are supposed to take off mascara, but i still have to use coconut oil for that. i'm sure they would work fine if i didn't wear so much mascara. overall i'm pretty happy with them, and i like knowing i'm doing my part to conserve water. 


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  1. Funny story! Remember how I said these were going in my hospital bag. I was so glad I had them because they turned the water off in our wing or just on our floor or something from 4-7 on Sunday morning and there was nothing I wanted more than to get rid of my makeup after labor and my long day! These were awesome! I should probably post about them on social media, huh? ....


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