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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

blogging the bach 11.10

sometimes i care about men tell all, and sometimes i don't. i'm actually a little excited to see what happens this time.

who's watching..celsey shawn, amanda, megan
paradise preview
what i saw
ashley i crying,a lot
what i heard
again?--cel about clare coming for love
do they think we don't have lives?--amanda about it being on 2x/week
what i thought
i kind of forgot about ashley i. 
why is this show on sunday and monday? i love this show, but that's too much 

season recap/ian/clint/nick
what i saw
ian basically proposing to the boys
dudes we barely even saw talking and talking and talking-like corey with an e
what i heard
villian's gotta vil. i've missed that--cel
what did you model for? like rogaine--megan about ian
where do they find the scum of the earth?--megan
who is hugging him?--megan jj, who do you think--amanda
he's offended that he didn't have a man crush on him?--shawn
what i thought
why are we wasting time on ian? does anyone care about him?
jj in the hotseat
what i saw
jj bawling like a baby when clint left-is that real?
what i heard
he's just a dracula--megan about corey
what i thought
promo for bach in paradise-not surprised
ben z in the hotseat
what i saw
ben z is so cute!
so sad looking at his face watching the recap especially talking about his mom
what i heard
let's make it worse chris--amanda
hilarious conversation about crying 
what i thought
i like ben a lot. i wish he was on a little longer so he could be the next bachelor
jared in the hotseat
what i saw
jared looks better clean shaven
what i heard
his chin is so pointy he could cut glass-megan
he looks like a rat--megan
he is so nice--cel
what i thought
jared is still super classy
ben h in the hotseat
what i saw
ben h is sad/mad/something
what i heard
before you say anything, let's watch your emotional journey--megan
that's my goal to say too racy of things that they can't go on the blog--megan
what i thought
ben h is a cute little thing, but i'm definitely not surprised he didn't make it to the end. he has to be the next bachelor right?!? 
what i saw
wow! her dress is sheer, and super short.
ian finally stopped being a weirdo
what i heard
why is corey talking again
what i thought
maybe i don't agree with katelyn's morals or choices, but i have no idea why people are so cruel especially to someone they don't know.
even though he's not the most attractive on the show, jared really is a gentleman.
i don't like all, but i think she did the right thing by letting nick stay.
word tally-i probably messed up the count this week
i laughed so hard tonight. i don't know what's funnier..what happened on the show or the comments everyone made. i literally laughed my head of.
i'm pretty ready for this season to be over. i'm pretty sure she will choose shawn, but sometimes it seems like it might be nick. i'm excited for the season to unfold. thoughts?
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  1. It was quite the show!! These guys are so much drama and all about talking about their feelings toward each other. Bachelor in Paradise will be on twice a week?!?! I missed that memo... I was getting my dinner out of the oven while they played that preview.

  2. It looks like in Bachelor in Paradise that Joe is a man s-l-u-t! I love Joe though. I really wish that we could've heard what shawn and nick have to say because they are so evil with each other. But I am totally team Shawn.

  3. "What did he model for - rogaine?" hahahahahahaha. She would be my best friend. I found the whole MTA to be quite boring.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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