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Thursday, July 16, 2015

blogging the bach 11.9

even though i haven't been super into this season, waiting until tuesday to watch this week was killer.
who's watching..celsey and amanda
date with ben 
what i saw
feeding donkeys-i have a very funny story about donkeys (think me+donkey+mud+foreign country)
what i heard
is that the sweater she was wearing earlier?--cel
what i thought
why are they talking to the horses like they are people?
ben isn't edgy enough for her. 
he's got to be the next bachelor right?!?

date with shawn
what i saw
poor shawn running across the golf course sans clothing
nick standing outside waiting for shawn like a creep
what i heard
why are his pants short? is that a golf thing?--cel
she's smart. he has to tackle her naked--amanda
if he has to be naked, at least he has a good body--cel
this is so embarrassing--cel
what i thought
if boys think girls that golf are sexy, i'm in the biggest trouble
the overnight did not seem to go well. was that the edit or is that how it really went?
i have no idea why nick came back to talk more. they both basically said they hate each other earlier. do we really need to see that on replay?
hometown with nick
what i saw
utah really is beautiful. i rarely ever appreciate winter here, but this is really what it looks like,
what i heard
look at the mom. she's having a meltdown-in her statement necklace--cel
could you at least buy a new pair of converse? if you're going to wear them every single episode..--cel
he covers his mouth just like nick. they're the same person--amanda
what i thought
there is no way on earth i could do this twice. i honestly couldn't do it once, but i definitely couldn't do it twice.
hometown with shawn
what i saw
kaitlyn changed her clothes and makeup between meeting the family and talking to the sister. we're confused.
kaitlyn is a really pretty crier #lifegoals
what i heard
with ben and nick she wears big frumpy sweaters--cel
ok producers can you please tell her to fix her necklace--cel
what i thought
kaitlyn really likes shawn. i don't know what it is about nick that she likes, but there seems to be something. i still think she likes shawn more. please bless we are done seeing all the drama with those two.
word tally
connection..oops i totally forgot to count
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ps-the best comment i heard while watching the there a big and tall store for babies?--shawn


  1. I have tried to figure out who she picks, but I am obviously not a good researcher, but I have a good idea which one it is. But seriously I went to bed after watching this episode and just kept saying.. I want this all to be over. #1 because of the drama #2 because I want to stop wanting to watch Kaitlyns craziness!!!!

  2. I didn't even notice she had different clothes and makeup!z


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