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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

wear it wednesday...modesty

i've heard the word MODESTY my whole life. growing up we talked about dressing modestly. as an adult i try to dress modestly, but i haven't necessarily thought a lot about it. what exactly does that mean? i did a quick search
  • behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency.
    plural noun: modesties
    "modesty forbade her to undress in front of so many people"
    synonyms:unpretentiousness, simplicity, plainness
i mostly agree with the definition-maybe not the simplicity and plainness part:), but the rest matches my thoughts on modesty. i also think of modesty in dress as respecting my body enough to cover it up. for me that means wearing clothing that has covers my shoulders and comes down to my knees (i.e. no short shorts and tank tops). jana did a stellar job explaining my personal and religious beliefs about modesty. while jana and i both agree on what modesty means to us, everyone has a right to their own opinion. i don't think i am right and someone else is wrong. i would love your thoughts on modesty and what it means to you. please share in the comments. 
when i got hired at my job and asked about the dress code, my boss told me it's fairly relaxed "probably just no tube tops". i sit on the floor with kids in their homes all day. due to the dress code/lack of dress code, i have a lot of options. i want to appear professional yet comfortable/functional enough to sit on the floor. 
summer is tricky. utah is hot! i am in and out of my hot car all day long-every hour. i would love to wear to skirt and dresses everyday, but sitting on the floor working/playing with toddlers in a skirt/dress doesn't work very well. jeans are way too hot when it's 100+degrees. 
 here are a few tips for modesty in a casual workplace.
1. longer shorts with patterns. the patterns make the outfit look a little nicer while still maintaining comfort to be on the floor. these are from old navy, and i have 5 pair of them (basically my uniform for the summer).
2. bright/bold colors-not everyone loves bright colors, but for me color adds a lot of style without adding a lot of hot layers.
3. layer-i LOVE cardigans! it usually gets to a point in the summer (right now) when it's too hot for that added layer of a cardigan, but when it's not extremely hot, cardigans finish the look. even when it's really hot, i sometimes start the day with a cardigan, and take it off later in the day. it's a good way to make my outfit a little cooler while still maintaining modesty.
along with sitting on the floor all day, i take my shoes on and off every hour. i tend to wear a little dressier flip flop most days. while a cuter sandal or wedge would really complete the look, it doesn't work for my job.
target cardi|target v neck tee|old navy shorts|gap sandals|jewelry from rocksbox (use code aubreyzarubaxoxo to try a month for free
i firmly believe in getting up everyday and getting ready for the day-whatever that means for you. jana has some tips for modest fashion for the stay at home mom. make sure to check it out. she manages to stay a little cooler, feel modest in her dress, and be totally fashionable-my idol.
what are your thoughts on modesty? what's the dress code for your life-work or otherwise?

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  1. I love how polished this look is...and I think I could use some of these suggestions!

  2. I love how polished this look is...and I think I could use some of these suggestions!

  3. This is an awesome collaboration! I love it!!!

  4. Yes!! I love how you said that modesty to you was having enough respect for yourself to cover up your body. My thoughts exactly!!!!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. I love wearing fabric shorts. I also tend to pair a tank with a short sleeved cardigan and only button the middle button. That way, it's still modest, but gets some breeze to your shoulders!


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