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Thursday, July 9, 2015

the parents come to visit..kind of

my parents live in missouri. i wish they lived closer, but they don't. a few months ago they started talking about a trip out west. the trip included a few days at my sister's house in california and a few days at my grandparents' house in southern utah. luckily i got to spend a couple of those days with them.

they arrived around 10:00pm on saturday night. i picked them up from the shuttle and spent a little time with them. we went to church on sunday morning and spent the rest of the day at my grandparents' house.

the rest of my mom's family came over that evening to celebrate father's day. living thousands of miles away from my dad, i've spent a lot of father's days away from my dad, but the past 2 years i've been lucky to celebrate with him in person.

unfortunately i had to leave monday morning to get to work. it was a pretty short visit, but i'm happy for the short time i got to spend with my parents. 

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