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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

blogging the bach 11.8

i'm a total die hard, but this season is not my fave. how many more weeks of this do we have to deal with? can this season just be over already?!?

who's watching: celsey, amanda, alexis
ben..let's make today unforgettable
what i saw
nick looks pretty mad when the date is announced
what i heard
if nick thought he was going to get it..what a dummy-cel
and for our date, you're going to paddle me around this huge lake--cel
they're not even sitting close--alexis
there's no way they went that far. he barely paddled--cel
some talk about kaitlyn's thoughts about the fantasy suite that can't be written on the blog
what i thought
ben is definitely staying

joe, shawn, nick..let our love run a-muck
what i saw
kaitlyn has a really hard time expressing herself
shawn finally got his crap together. he handled himself so well.
what i heard
she's so awkward when she knows she needs to say something else--cel
we already have a hard enough time with your lisp. will you please open your mouth.please--cel
the least amount of time-you selfish bleep--amanda
i was going to make fun of his hair, but then i realized brandon(her brother) basically has the same hair so i kept it in--cel about joe
she's going to drop the bomb on him so he goes home on his own--cel
you're not going to thank me in 5 minutes--cel
her relationship with shawn has moved quick?--alexis
i would be like i need a minute and then never come back--alexis
be a man, please be a man--cel
what i thought
i think nick is going home (obviously i was wrong)
so impressed with how shawn handled himself. that could have gone way worse.
rose ceremony
what i saw
nick complaining about not having enough time. shawn isn't having it.
what i heard
i don't think he's pretending very well--cel anout nick and his nervous ramble
i wish i could wear sparkly dresses and stuff like that all the time--cel
she is never in the wrong. she for once should validate their feelings--amanda
please be jared. i never thought i would say that--cel
he's too nice for bachelor in paradise--alexis after i said i think he's going there
ok, the minivan? at least get a town car or something--cel
they have so much money--alexis
when it came down to it, who does she want to sleep with more?--alexis
what i thought
i'm pretty shocked she kept nick. i really thought she would get rid of him. 
jared is the nicest guy ever.
one on one with nick
what i saw
nick and kaitlyn in church-hmmm
what i heard
you didn't get picked on the last so you don't really have experience--cel
she knows who he's talking about--cel
whatever, you're a pot stirer.ugh--cel
k if you say it's very simple one more time--amanda
i would do it anywhere--alexis making fun of nick
does she think that's attractive--alexis about nick covering his mouth
cheers to round 2. hopefully the mics are off this time--cel
for some unexplainable reason, their physical connection is off the roof--alexis
what i thought
nick drives me crazy, i never liked him in the first place, but i really dislike him now.
i like shawn a lot, but going to talk to nick at this point is dumb. he needs to drop it.
word tally
does anyone know when this season ends? i'm kind of ready.

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  1. Haha, I was just wondering when the season ends this morning... I need to finish it out, but I just don't want to watch it anymore...

  2. I honestly like Nick more than Shawn. Something about Shawn just really annoys me. He's DRAMA!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. On a scale from 1-10, how horrible of a person am I if I say she and Nick deserve each other???


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