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Friday, July 17, 2015

michelle and dallin gender reveal

it's been a while since i have done a gender reveal cake. birthday cakes are fun, but gender reveals are my favorite. i love the look on people's faces when they see the color of the cake.

michelle and dallin have had a long road to having a baby. when she told me she is pregnant, i was so excited! i immediately wanted to make a cake. due to a study they are part of they found out the gender earlier than usual and planned a gender reveal party for their families. i was so excited and honored to make the cake.

we decided on a simple 2 tier cake with yellow ombre frosting. it was pretty simple to make but so much fun. 

i have another gender reveal coming up next month, and i can't even wait. 

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  1. I want this cake!!!! Well it can be a diff color but I love the ombre. And congrats to your sweet friend! It makes me so happy when people finally get what they deserve (in a good way hahaha)

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