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Thursday, July 30, 2015

unbloged bloggable..confetti night

a few weeks ago i shared my outfit for confetti night, but i never posted about the event itself. when i met mitzi earlier this year and heard about confetti night, an event to celebrate and party with women, i knew i had to go.
 it did not disappoint. it was a fun filled evening catching up with some of my faves.
some of my blogging faves-jen, jacque, kaylynn
jacque and i met in the bathroom at another event last summer and instantly became friends. we took a few pics in the bathroom to document our friendship. the bathroom obviously isn't the ideal place for photos, but it's so funny we had to.
eleisha and i were roommates in college. i was so excited when she told me she was coming from out of town for the event. it was so fun seeing her.
 i didn't make it to most of the classes, but they had a great line up of presentations as well as a photo booth full of confetti.
i don't get to see these people nearly as often as i would like. i loved every second of this night and can't wait for next year.

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