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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

blogging the bach 11.11

it's finally here! i feel like i've been waiting for the finale since week 3.
who's watching: amanda, megan, alexis. celsey, and tiffany

what i saw
everyone packing up and getting ready for this thing to wrap up
what i heard
utah? why are they in utah?--megan
they probably had to hurry this season along because she's probably going to be pregnant soon--tiff
momma got her eyelashes done--alexis
i'm glad she has her fancy dress on for the middle of the day. is she going dancing later?--tiff
what i thought
where are they? california?

nick meets the family
what i saw
stepmom-who knew she was even there
what i heard
ugh! cory mathews get out of here--cel
it's like cory matthews and backstreet boys had a baby--tiff
why is sister sitting by stepdad and he's rubbing her arm--cel #familydynamics --tiff
what is he sitting on that he looks like a frog?--cel
i'm glad he rocked the friendship bracelets all season long--tiff
why is he sobbing?--cel
he probably punched himself in the balls to make himself cry--tiff
he's a good actor--amanda
he's got to be sensitive in front of the mom and manly in front of the dad--alexis
so he's manipulative?--cel
what i thought
she still really likes nick, but i wonder if it's just the edit

shawn meets the family
what i saw
the family really likes shawn.
what i heard
stepdad pimped out mom--cel
her dress looks like the sound of music--tiff
how would you handle it lady? it sucks--cel
his mouth looks like a cat's butt hole--tiff
i do want to marry her. i'll send you a bill--cel
what i thought
the sister is team shawn and it seems pretty obvious that she's picking shawn

final date with nick
what i saw
nick gets the boat date
what i heard
some of her clothes look like stuff i bought at wet seal--alexis
she probably hit up wet seal when they were in utah--tiff
no, he fit into your bed honey--tiff
your hair looks like a chia pet--megan
of course it's in your bedroom--cel
at least he didn't put their names so he can re-gift--tiff
it's like something your kid writes for you so you put it up on the fridge because it's your kid but then you take it down because it's weird--megan
what i thought
if she picks shawn, it's going to be bad. if she picks nick, it will also be bad.

final date with shawn
what i saw
so much awkwardness
who knew they were at a winery?
what i heard
she borrowed that sweater from ben h--cel
ok she's wearing a duster..from 7th grade--cel
that leg looks really small. like it might be hers--tiff
i just realized he's a meat head--tiff
i was blinded by his good looks--tiff
i'm so emotionally invested in this--megan
what i thought
shawn kind of got the bad edit on the day date which usually means he's the one
nick wrote a dumb poem. shawn made a jar full of memories so...

the morning/neil lane
what i saw
kaitlyn "woke up" with her full face. we made a few jokes and i commented that i would definitely sleep in makeup if i was on this show.
what i heard
she sleeps in a cardigan. are we surprised?--tiff about me after the convo about makeup (cel made me write this)
nick has on the same white t shirt he's had on all week--tiff
why is she always wearing ice skater dresses?--megan
what i thought
she's going to make them both propose i'm pretty sure

what i saw
kaitlyn is super nervous when nick walks up. they don't kiss. it all seems awkward.
things are much more natural with shawn. she seems happy and excited.
what i heard
why are they back at the mansion?--megan
poor megan was so nervous she was pacing around the house and then hiding in the pantry
everyone is dying-cel
if she's going to cut him off, when?--alexis
she's not even using her grown up voice--tiff
this is so classic nick--megan

stop my beating heart. he's adorable--megan
this is adorable--megan
i have chills--amanda
what i thought
i don't blame nick for being upset, but he was kind of his usual creepy self
kaitlyn should have given him the news and let him go.

word tally-i stopped counting after the proposal

after the final rose
chris harrison was a bit of a bully. we all know nick and shawn don't like each other. what's the point of rehashing that.again?!? even the nick and kaitlyn part was pretty awful. we all decided nick had some serious coaching so as to not make a complete fool of himself. he handled himself pretty well. shawn and kaitlyn seem super happy. i really like them together and hope they last-even though they live in different countries and have no plans besides going to starbucks.

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  1. I'm super excited to watch it now. Your commentary was good! I also love the "ice skater dresses" comment. SO true!

  2. It took until the last episode, but I was converted to Team Shawn!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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