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Friday, June 6, 2014

foodie friday

it's been a while since i've posted anything food related. i wish i could say i came up with some amazing new recipe, but the truth is i barely cook these days. maybe i should save that info for 5 little confessions next month.
one reason i haven't been cooking a lot is because i have been eating tons of salads. some of my favorite salads include lots and lots of things
lettuce (lately i've been buying bag salad and love it)
shredded chicken (sometimes rotisserie) or shrimp (usually cooked in olive oil, garlic powder or salt, and minced onion)
feta cheese or a tiny bit of shredded mozzarella
purple onions
dried cranberries and bananas
sunflower seeds
watermelon (yes watermelon)
sometimes olives
hard boiled egg
olive oil

obviously i like a lot of stuff in my salad. did i miss anything? what's your fave salad or salad ingredient?


  1. Artichoke hearts! But you have some seriously good ideas on this list. I love salad but I hate making them. Maybe too much chopping? I'm going to have to refer to this list and make a salad next week.

  2. My husband swears by pineapple in his salad! I like chickpeas for a little extra protein.

  3. Um... I need your meal plan because I eat meat and carbs. You are much healthier than me :P

  4. I finally came to the realization last night that unless I have a really good dressing and some meat, I don't like salad. I shouldn't put a bare salad on the menu for dinner, because I'll end up switching to something super unhealthy (like pizza) at the last minute. A good salad for me has to include olives and I also love sunflower seeds. I like strawberries and apples in my salad, too, depending on the dressing.


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